My First Blog Post on the Huffington Post


Ok, the blog page is purple.  But I am on it…in the Post 50 section.  I’m not featured (yet). So, it’s a little hard to find. Here’s the link.  Please check it out!  I like it and I’m my own worst critic! Oh yeah, tell your friends (insert self-promotion plug in here!)



  • Quinnland23 says:

    That’s awesome! Great writing credit for your growing resume. Need to add that logo to your sidebar.

  • Dana N Ferrigno says:

    Dear Debbie,
    I loved your article on the Huffington Post. I will add that with your in-depth writing life especially addressing the truth about these non- committed men to be inspiring for many women to know about. What happened to meeting a man at a dance, (where I met my committed husband) or a man involved in something active that we as women love to do. Like hiking groups, or yoga groups. Or even an elevator for Heavens sakes. Today, with these dating sites being the rage you are so helpful sharing your experiences with us. With humor and your creative talent in writing we all look forward to seeing your book or books in print soon. I hope my daughter is faithful to your site. I must speak with her!!! Your fan

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks so much Dana for your wonderful comments. And maybe it’s because we don’t get out enough. I met a couple guys at yoga……

  • Jasmine Gordon says:

    Holy crap, Debbie! Nice going. Things are definitely exploding for you, and I can’t think of someone more talented or more deserving. 🙂

  • Ali A says:

    Congrats! Had my first feature there last week myself – it’s such a rewarding feeling! Congrats again on the big accomplishment 🙂

  • Barry says:

    You have probably heard this before. The experience of a long term marriage (also 32 years ) is much like a death… In my case, not the person of my dreams but the dreams themselves died…
    I think more people will find a comfort from your revealings than perhaps you may have thought. My best to you and congrats on breaking into the Huff.

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you so much Barry! It also feels like a loss of yourself, the person you were when you were with your spouse. And I agree on the dreams…the dreams I had about growing old with George.