In Ravishly: Patton Oswalt’s Engagement: What Should Grief Look Like? (And Who are We to Decide?)

My article on Oswalt engagement in Ravishly.

My first commissioned article!

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Online magazine “Ravishly” asked me to write an article on the media reaction to Patton Oswalt’s engagement. It’s the first time that anyone’s asked me to write an article that I didn’t pitch to them first. I had a same day deadline. Whew!

So, it starts, “The rancor over Patton Oswalt’s engagement drives home the point, that only the grieving can decide how to grieve…” Coffee ready? Let’s read the rest of it here

So, when a celebrity talks about losing their spouse, why is it such a revelation? Everyone knows widowed people and most of us have known grief in some form? Why is grief as a part of life such a difficult topic? (Hey, I’d love shares on my article if you like it or know someone who might).



Debbie (Yes, being asked to write something did make me feel validated).



  • Betsy Way says:

    Hi Debbie, it has been awhile since I have commented. This was written very well. I have kept your last 3 emails and just now reading them. I have been a widow now 6 years. I have come a long way, but have not been completed yet. I am not sure if I ever will be again. As you, I thought I was, but then he passed. I will always be a widow, as you have mentioned before in your writings, but I am also ready to meet someone. I don’t want to jump in and get married but would like to be courted again. I do realize at my age of 64, that it is a big item on the bucket list. I am trying still to be ok with just me, but afraid that is an ongoing task.

    Thank you for your words. Congrats on the writing assignement.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Betsy. I really appreciate your encouragement. I too would like to be courted and to feel a sense of love and romance. I have a boyfriend, but it isn’t my forever relationship (or my second one after my husband, actually). I too am trying to be okay on my own and sometimes, I’m better at it than others. Having a tribe of girlfriends has truly helped. Take care my friend.