Dating in a Time Warp with Erma Bombeck




OMG what am I doing posting twice in two days! Well, I wanted to share that my new piece “Dating in a time Warp” is up today on the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers’  site.

It starts like this:

“Online dating is like a time warp. I keep meeting the same guys over and over again; they just have different names. Here’s six guys on “repeat:”

1. The Ravaged Romeo

He starts his dating profile by discussing his last failed relationship. Even if his profile’s okay, once we meet, I find he’s still pining over a lost love. And keeps talking about it, even as I back away.

I dated an Alec Baldwin lookalike with a brilliant sense of humor…except when he was lamenting about “The Blonde Who Ruined His Life.” I was ready for him to take his shirt off, but he thought I needed to hear more about the pain she’d caused him. I didn’t.

2. The (S)exihibitionist. …Now please go read the rest here:

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  • Michael says:

    Debbie —
    An excellent list of the types of guys I try not to be.
    Though I have been the totally complete jerk of an ass once or twice.
    I apologize and hope that I am improving.
    The one you may have missed is, “The Apparition” or
    “The Ethereal Guy” — the one who either was suddenly abducted by aliens, fell into a parallel universe, or.. regardless, he just disappeared without a trace and no bread crumb trail.