Is Adult Dating Just an Exercise in Dumpster Diving?

    This quote really resonated with the women, especially the single ones, at a recent women’s only yoga retreat. Dating as dumpster diving. Do men feel the same way … Continue Reading →


The G-Word: Attempting Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about gratitude lately.  Almost involuntarily.  I’ve been wondering, is gratitude a prerequisite to living well? I just came back from a short vacation to Lake Tahoe.  And … Continue Reading →

Trying to divine if it's time for change

From Married to Mutant

I finally realized we don’t recover from loss, we mutate. We can’t go forward but stay the same person, returning to a happy version of who we were. So we change, … Continue Reading →

Widow without make up

Becoming Pudding: Abandoning the Outside World

I think I’m devolving into a blancmange. (I loved the whole Devo, de-evolution thing). About a year after George died, I realized that life on Planet Widow also meant that … Continue Reading →


Relationship Blues

I don’t know what an adult relationship is supposed to look like.   I married my high school prom date.   Maybe we never changed, or if  we did, we changed … Continue Reading →


Dating in a Time Warp with Erma Bombeck

    OMG what am I doing posting twice in two days! Well, I wanted to share that my new piece “Dating in a time Warp” is up today on … Continue Reading →

Vain enough?

Shame by Skinny Jeans

  My skinny widow pants no longer fit. My stomach muffins over the top. These are the pants I bought after George died.  I was down about 15 pounds, I was … Continue Reading →


Let’s Rant (Socializing as a Widow)

Dear Blog, This is again one of those times when you and I are not hitting it off.  I don’t seem to have that much to say if I’m not … Continue Reading →


Anxiety and Widowhood

  Since George died, I’m much more anxious than I used to be. I’ve probably always had an anxiety disorder which, in the past, I’ve called “being anal retentive.” When … Continue Reading →


Kissed in the Louvre (flash non-fiction)

  I was getting lost in the Louvre when I found a different sort of artwork. Gorgeous, French, leather jacket, sideburns, a Jean Paul Belmondo type or “type,” as they … Continue Reading →