Dating in a Time Warp with Erma Bombeck

    OMG what am I doing posting twice in two days! Well, I wanted to share that my new piece “Dating in a time Warp” is up today on … Continue Reading →

Vain enough?

Shame by Skinny Jeans

  My skinny widow pants no longer fit. My stomach muffins over the top. These are the pants I bought after George died.  I was down about 15 pounds, I was … Continue Reading →


Let’s Rant (Socializing as a Widow)

Dear Blog, This is again one of those times when you and I are not hitting it off.  I don’t seem to have that much to say if I’m not … Continue Reading →


Anxiety and Widowhood

  Since George died, I’m much more anxious than I used to be. I’ve probably always had an anxiety disorder which, in the past, I’ve called “being anal retentive.” When … Continue Reading →


Kissed in the Louvre (flash non-fiction)

  I was getting lost in the Louvre when I found a different sort of artwork. Gorgeous, French, leather jacket, sideburns, a Jean Paul Belmondo type or “type,” as they … Continue Reading →


I’m Clingy in Woman’s Day

  I’m in Woman’s Day talking about being needy in my relationship. My article is written from the perspective of a widow, but I think these feelings arise when we’re … Continue Reading →


George in Woman’s Day and The Male Breast Cancer Coalition

While I was out:  I just got back from France and wanted to share two new article-things. Apologies if this is redundant of my Facebook Pages. I’m in Woman’s Day … Continue Reading →

Young widow

How I Embarrassed Myself (Oh no!) on Woman’s Day: It’s About S-E-X

First, I do not pick the writing prompts for the magazine group I submit to.  This one was “My sexuality as a widow.”  And I thought, what the fuck, I’ll … Continue Reading →


I’m in Elephant Journal! Three Years After George Died…

April 10, 2016 will be the three year anniversary of my husband George’s death. I’d hoped to feel healed by now—to have emerged from grieving stronger and complete—but most of … Continue Reading →


Superb Tips from an Online Dater on Huffington Post

  • By Debbie
  • March 23, 2016
  • Comments Off on Superb Tips from an Online Dater on Huffington Post

Hello!  It’s me again.  I’ve distilled all my online dating tips into one article.  And it’s on the Huffington Post right here: Superb Tips from a Former Online Dating Addict.  The … Continue Reading →